It is almost impossible to be in Chicago and fail to have a bite of the Italian beef. The majority of people living in Chicago love Italian beef. This beef is the essence of Chicago and is a sandwich with thin slices of roast beef, which is seasoned, cooked gently, then served as jus on Italian long roll style or served with cheese.

The Italian beef is prepared using beef some cheap cuts from the meat. Most of these sandwiches are made from utilization of the bottom and top round cuts characterized by massive connective tissues. The round cuts are known to have a lot of fats, making the meat intensely flavorful. Depending on the receipt, many other meat cuts can be used in preparing the Italian beef. They include; the eye round, bottom round roast, round tip roast, Sirloin roast, and the Rump roast.

Roast beef is a meal of meat in a roasted form, which is usually is cold cut served. When making a comparison between the Italian steak and the roast, it is almost impossible to differentiate the two. First, most of the Italian beef cuts are the same as the roast beef such as the eye round roast, rump roast, sirloin tip roast with an exception of the rib roast.

The other difference is that not all beef roast makes the best sandwiches, there are specific types used unlike the Italian beef cuts that can all be used to make delicious sandwiches. The Italian beef comes with different flavors, while roasted meat has an almost similar flavor. The other difference is how it is served and the preparation methodology.

The Italian beef origin is in Chicago in the 1930s, which has recently become Chicago’s staple meal. The source of Italian beef is traced to a longtime Al’s owner Chris Pacelli where the sandwich business started as World War 1 ended. Whereby Anthony Ferrari, a Chicago street peddler, drove around the city making deliveries of cooked lunch and cold sandwiches. His customers were blue-collar workers who were distributed all over the city. He went to a wedding one day and changed everything about Chicago culinary history.

This history later got repudiated by people, especially the ones in beef business claiming to be the ones who invented. The only agreement is that the Italian- American immigrants who migrated in the early 1900s brought about this meal, where wedding receptions were home held. The beef cuts and peanuts were some of the cheap meals to feed crowds. Al made his deliveries as usual for about 20years, and then he saw a bigger market that he had to explore.

Italian beef is famous for its sweet taste and time-saving kind of a meal. People have tight schedules; thus, cooking could be time-consuming. You can stop by a restaurant or buy from a food truck as you head to work. This dish is also rich in proteins, and its even provision of potassium into the body. However, daily consumption could be risky; moderation is essential.

The Italian sandwiches consumption is high in most parts of the world, with about 100 countries importing the product, especially in countries where Mc Donald fast food establishments are. It is essential to note that, in as much as these sandwiches are delicious, their consumption rate should be minimized for their high cholesterol levels. Beware that your health is your most significant wealth, and it’s your mandate to take care of it.

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